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El5123 module 4

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Using good listening skills can make your conversations with parents easier and help you feel more confident. Celebrating milestones is infectious! Families begin to see the importance of those accomplishments and will want to take notice as well. Children grow up so quickly; it is as if one day they are beginning to sit up and the next they are playing baseball. In addition, there can be clues in those steps that could alert parents to a potential developmental concern. If a parent says she is concerned that her 2-month-old is not rolling over, you can reassure her that rolling over from tummy to back is a typical milestone at 4 months.

Way to go, Janie! What are you seeing him do at home?

el5123 module 4

Because acting early can make such a difference, sharing milestones with parents and pointing out areas of concern can also help them recognize potential developmental concerns. Not all cultures place the same emphasis on particular developmental milestones. When communicating with families, be aware of your own cultural biases in making decisions about how to communicate with families.

How you carry on the conversation is very important to its success.

LDM2 for Teachers - Module 4 - Planning for Continuing Professional Development and LAC Planning

Using these skills will help build relationships and encourage better communication:. Developing and using these listening skills in your conversations with parents will help to enhance your relationships with parents and make difficult conversations more successful. Act Early. These materials can help families understand what typical developmental milestones are at certain ages and can help establish appropriate expectations.

Not only will these materials give parents a snapshot of what their child is doing right now, they will help them to anticipate developmental milestones that are emerging or will come next. Having milestone checklists as a reference can greatly help you and the parent think about what kinds of toys might be appropriate and how to create an environment that encourages the child's development. Parents can refer to the positive parenting tips in the Milestone Moments booklet for ideas.

Having frequent conversations about development with families when they drop off or pick up their child can show the parent that you value their child and his or her development. If you work in a child care center or for another employer, there are additional considerations for you:. Now that you have been observing and monitoring, you have a lot of knowledge and insight about children in your care. You will want to communicate this information in the best way possible. Use the completed milestone checklist as the basis for your conversation.

The checklist is an objective tool that can both confirm and pinpoint your concerns. And because it was developed by CDC and is based on the gold-standard milestone lists from the American Academy of Pediatrics, it offers you enhanced credibility and objectivity in your conversation.

I wanted to take a minute to talk with you about how well Jason is developing. Name some developmental milestones the child has mastered, and say how excited you are to see his or her progress in those areas.

Jason has made some real progress in his developmental milestones lately. I noticed he really likes to play alongside other children, and he is good at following simple instructions.Application due date for November 9, term: November 6. Estimated time to completion: 17 - 19 Months. Designed to help you become a school principal, the Master of Education in Educational Leadership program will teach you to effectively lead, run, and manage a PreK school. Florida residents interested in principal certification within the state of Florida should review courses and information about our Florida licensure track for the Florida approved Master of Education in Educational Leadership program in our College Catalog.

Texas residents interested in our Texas approved Master of Education in Educational Leadership program should review courses and information about our Texas program in our College Catalog. Graduates of licensure programs who seek licensure in states other than the above may still need to satisfy those state licensure requirements such as years of experience in a prior or current position, additional coursework, internship hours, content test passage, or additional training.

Your internship will be one of the most important components of your Educational Leadership experience. You will provide administrative support to your mentor and school community in addition to instructional support for the campus in order to help increase student learning and achievement. See Internships for more details. After you complete your M. We are accredited by the Higher Learning Commissionan accreditation agency recognized by the U. Department of Education.

This accreditation guarantees our programs meet certain levels of quality standards. Graduates of programs which are approved to lead to licensure, endorsement, or certification may be subject to additional requirements for the receipt of initial licensure, endorsement, or certification in the state in which they intend to teach or administrate. Students are strongly encouraged to check licensure requirements in the state in which they intend to teach or administrate to determine whether they are eligible for licensure, endorsement, or certification.

It is vitally important that students know and be continually aware of the requirements for licensure in their state. State licensing requirements and licensing agency information may be found here. Even without federal loans, there are plenty of ways to finance your education at ACE. Our Student Services reps are available to help you create a workable plan whatever your financial circumstances.

It is a state of California requirement that a student who pays his or her tuition is required to pay a state-imposed assessment for the Student Tuition Recovery Fund. All applicants must submit to the Admissions Office official, sealed college transcripts from each institution attended. All applicants whose first language is not English must demonstrate competence in the English language as demonstrated in one of three ways:. Explore the classes you'll take to fulfill this program's 34 semester credit requirement.

For more information, a complete list of requirements, and course options, see the College Catalog. Please email us at info ace. By submitting this form you consent to receive information from American College of Education via email, phone or text. View privacy policy here.

Apply Now Request Info. Overview Tuition Admission Requirements Courses. Master of Education. Application due date for November 9, term: November 6 Estimated time to completion: 17 - 19 Months. Take your career further. What you can expect. Tailored Internship Approach All courses are designed to prepare you for a meaningful internship experience.

Flexible Study on your schedule. Our online format allows you to plan your coursework around your life. Accreditation For information about American College of Education's program accreditation, please visit the accreditation page.My Account. View Cart Checkout. In Step 1 you will hear and read about two perspectives on a practice dilemma.

el5123 module 4

The dilemma is about a teacher sharing a concern with a father of a preschool age child. In Step 3 you will consider the following key sources of general evidence about partnership-oriented practices. First partnership-oriented practices are defined and further explained with examples and activities.

Then you will learn about research, policies, professional guidelines and experience-based knowledge related to partnership-oriented practices and family-professional partnerships. In Step 4 you will integrate sources of evidence, different perspectives, and contexts unique to the dilemma in Step 1 to make an informed decision. In Step 5 you will consider ways to evaluate the plan for engaging in partnership-oriented practices that resulted from the decision-making process.

Activity 4. Foundations of Transition for Young Children. Skip to content. You are here:. Module 4: Family-Professional Partnerships. Learning Objectives button. Select a step from the 5-Step Learning Cycle to view the description. Dilemma Question Evidence Decision Evaluation In Step 1 you will hear and read about two perspectives on a practice dilemma.

In Step 2 you will turn the dilemma about how to build a trusting partnership into an answerable question to help guide the search for evidence on a particular practice. Step 1: Dilemma. Step 2: Question. Step 3: Evidence.

Step 4: Decision. Handout 4. Step 5: Evaluation. Video 4. Audio 4. Beth Harry.It is important for professional educators to be life long learners. In doing so, these professionals are better able to facilitate learning for their students, be they children or adults. My artifacts reflect my recognition of how technology affects professional learning in my school building, district, state, and at the federal level. Educators use technology as a tool to facilitate learning and create student centered learning environments.

Educators use research based strategies to make technology use effective and efficient.

el5123 module 4

My artifacts reflect my ability to evaluate technology tools for use in the classroom and create an assessment tool to measure proper use of the evaluated tool. This interview is with two former students regarding their changing opinions about science from middle school when they were in my classes to high school. Both students are now high school seniors and have completed at least 2 high school level science courses.

In the 21st Century classroom, students are able to, with approrpiately designed learning environments that include technology, reach beyond the classroom to learn and self assess their understanding of their world.

Educators should use scientifically based research, being able to analyse and use the results to provide the best possible instruction and content for learners. Informational literacy and digital citizenship are important components of the education of students as they become life long learners. The artifacts shared here show my understanding of the importance of modeling and teaching appropriate behaviors while using the Internet. This Prezi presentation demonstrates my understanding of the importance of information literacy in 21st Century learning and teaching.

ET educators are life long learners, collaborating and sharing their knowledge with others. As part of our roles as leaders in our schools and districts, it is our responsibility to assist in the learning of others, and model appropriate behaviors and best practices in the classroom and professional development settings.

Please wait Master of Education Digital Portfolio. Evidence of Program Outcomes. Educational Technology Program Outcome 1: Practice the integration of technology in educational environments to facilitate experience that address the diverse needs of all learners. File Attachments: Applying Diversity Research. In it, I write a lesson plan for a High School biology class with a mixed group of students, culturally, cognitively and linguistically.

In it, I use several methods to teach a set of vocabulary terms associated with mitosis. The lesson uses varied multiple intelligences to help the students hear, read, and visualize what happens in the 4 steps of mitosis as they study cell division.

Module 4: Rights, Exceptions, and Limitations

As compared to the general population of the school and the state of Indiana, Hispanic students appear, on the surface, to be successful in reading and writing conventions. However, when assessment scores for sciences biology is examined are reviewed, the ability to comprehend reading and writing appears to fall off.

This paper looks at the possible reasons for this and how Gavit plans to attack the issue. In assessing this assignment, I looked for research skills, creativity in the production of the presentation and appropriate forecasting skills.

Some of the students in one class are special needs and I felt it was important they learn to create presentations. The task instructions were modified slightly for them to accommodate particular abilities of the 5 special needs students in the class. This student, a 14 year old with a speech impediment and learning disability, insisted upon doing as much of the research and production as possible by herself.

All I did to help was make sure the animations worked. She is very shy, yet stood before her classmates and presented this Power Point like a pro. Her new nickname? Lil Al Roker! Program Outcome 2 Research-based Instructional Strategies. Educational Technology Program Outcome 2: Choose experiences and assessments that apply technology to engage learners through the implementation of research-based instructional strategies.Recent studies in cognitive psychology dispute the additive process of new knowledge simply piling up on top of existing knowledge.

Instead, learning is an active, dynamic process in which the learner literally builds his or her own mind by constantly making and changing connections between what is new and what is already known Barkley, Piaget emphasized that children do not receive knowledge passively but rather discover and construct knowledge through activities.

Instructors can provide students with such active learning experiences by considering a more holistic view of active learning. That is, one that provides opportunities for acquiring information and ideas, learning experiences, and reflection Fink, Complete Worksheet 4: Activities to Promote Active Learning as fully as possible by identifying possible active learning strategies you might use in your course.

Please use the Time for Reflection sheet to keep a journal of your reflections. Angelo, T. Classroom assessment techniques: A handbook for college teachers. Barkley, E. Student engagement techniques: A handbook for college faculty. Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning. Classroom assessment techniques. Indiana University. Fink, L. Creating significant learning experiences: An integrated approach to designing college courses.

Meyers, C. Promoting active learning: Strategies for the college classroom. Thank you for completing Module 4. Please proceed to Module 5 to make certain that the key components of your course are integrated that is they support each other and reinforce each other. Return to top Module 3 Module 5. Skip to main content. Module 4: Selecting Teaching and Learning Activities Anticipated Module Outcomes Upon the successful conclusion of Module 4, you will have: been introduced to different active learning strategies.

It should be a place where teachers go to watch students work hard! Fink Instructors can provide students with such active learning experiences by considering a more holistic view of active learning. The diagram below indicates a holistic view and the components of active learning.

Fink Guiding Principles for Selecting Learning Activities For significant learning outcomes your course learning activities should: incorporate activities from each of the three components of active learning Information and Ideas, Experience, and Reflective Dialogue.

The table below illustrates some selection options. Try to identify at least one strategy for each of the categories indicated. OU Login.This module will teach you about the rights of a copyright holder and about the exceptions to and limitations on those rights. Maria, Angela's aunt, is a collector of sheet music.

Many of the documents in her collection are handwritten; some are unique. She has just decided to donate the entire collection to the university library. Angela meets with Nadia to discuss how the library might best make use of the collection.

In particular, Angela asks Nadia to make digital copies of all of the compositions in Maria's collection and to make those copies available to the world on the library's servers. The heart of copyright law is the right to make copies of a protected work. This is called the "right of reproduction. Creating a copy without the authorization of the holder infringes upon the copyright, unless permitted by an exception to or limitation on the reproduction right.

As we saw in Module 2: The International Frameworkthe right of reproduction is widely acknowledged by international agreements. As we will soon discuss, however, those same agreements also empower member countries to create exceptions and limitations to this and other rights.

The copyright statutes of virtually all countries recognize the right of reproduction. What does "reproduction" mean? Most obviously, it includes making a copy in the literal sense -- for example, by photocopying a book or article. It also includes converting a copyrighted work into a new format -- such as using a tape recorder to copy a vinyl album. Less obviously, it includes making a new work that is "substantially similar" to an existing work, while having that existing work in mind.

So, for example, an art student who stands in front of a painting and paints a faithful replica of it would violate the original painter's right of reproduction unless the student could invoke one of the exceptions or limitations discussed previously.

As one might imagine, the question of how close one work must be to another to be "substantially similar" is highly controversial and is often litigated. Closely related to the right of reproduction is the right of adaptationwhich provides copyright holders with the right to adapt a copyrighted work from one form of expression to another, or to authorize another to do so. Examples of adaptations include transforming a book into a movie or a song into a musical.

The right of adaptation is also found in virtually all copyright systems. The right of adaptation also encompasses the right to translate a work into other languages. Article 8 of the Berne Convention requires member countries to recognize this right of translation. In most countries, the reproduction right and the adaptation right are closely aligned. In other words, the majority of activities that violate the adaptation right also violate the reproduction right.

However, there are exceptions. For example, cutting up a photograph to include it in a collage may violate the adaptation right unless of course that behavior is excused by one of the exceptions or limitations. But, because that activity did not entail making a new copy, it would not violate the right of reproduction.

However, the degree of overlap between these two rights varies somewhat by country. Which of the two rights is implicated by a particular case will sometimes make a difference -- for example, if the copyright owner has granted a license for one of the rights but not the other. How far do these rights reach? Recall from Module 3: The Scope of Copyright Law that copyright only protects the expression of ideas, not the ideas or facts themselves. Thus, a work that is inspired by the ideas contained in another work but does not use any of the protected expression from the initial work is neither a reproduction nor an adaptation, and will not violate the copyright holder's rights.

Also, note that Article 2 3 of the Berne Convention provides that authorized adaptations are protected by their own, separate copyright, in addition to the copyright protection given to the original work. Finally, a copyright holder also has the exclusive right to distribute his or her work, and the right to import copies of the work subject to certain exceptions.That sounds like good news, but it's actually less than the 4. It's not that people are shopping less or not buying as much.

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In 2017, eMarketer expects online retail sales to grow to 11. Others, such as dollar stores and luxury are doing well. So underneath the generally positive numbers are spots of real turmoil and contraction.

Module 4 Assessment

In addition, overall growth at physical retailers has slowed. Digital growth is being pushed by "increases in mobile commerce and the intensifying online battle between large retailers and digital marketplaces," according to eMarketer. These predictions indicate that the slow march to more sales moving online continues, but brick-and-mortar retailers still have the vast majority of the business. That means that while many traditional physical chains will continue to suffer, there's still a significant customer base shopping in actual stores.

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